Saber 12K Ultimate  Recovery Kit

Saber 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit

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Australians are known the world over for getting offroad to exploring the great unknown – and some of the most isolated places on earth! If this is your next dream adventure, the Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit is ideal for you.

It’s called the ultimate kit for a reason … because it’s the ultimate 4WD recovery gear for your big adventures and a crucial component to make sure you have the gear to get you home.

The Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit is a suitable 4wd recovery kit for kinetic rope and winch recoveries in large vehicles, including GVM upgrade Landcruiser 200 and 79 series, and American trucks.

Kinetic rope offers 50 per cent more stretch than the best snatch straps on the market.

The rope is designed to stretch, transferring the build-up of kinetic energy from the recovering vehicle to the vehicle that is stuck. The stretch that the rope experiences allows the recovery to take place in a safer manner as it creates a smoother application of force in comparison to a traditional snatch strap.

When it comes to kinetic energy ropes and selecting the right kit for your 4WD, look for an option that is rated 2-3x the weight of your vehicle.

The 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit Contains

The Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit has been batch tested to destruction in a NATA-accredited facility in Melbourne and is one of the best value-for-money 4WD recovery kits on the market. At Saber Offroad, we also test our products in real-world situations so you have peace of mind and confidence in using your own recovery gear. Our products are clearly labelled with the required rating and information.

Whether this is your first 4WD recovery kit or you are upgrading your recovery gear to include kinetic ropes, the Saber Offroad 12K Ultimate Recovery Kit ensures you have the gear to get you home.

12 months for parts and manufacturing from date of purchase - If a warranty is authorised, Saber Offroad is only obligated to cover the replacement or re-issue of the original parts. Under no circumstances is Saber Offroad liable for any costs involving shipping, removal and replacement labour costs or other associated work. The warranty is strictly a parts only coverage.