Rapid Fix Dual Adhesive System 10ml

Rapid Fix Dual Adhesive System 10ml

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RapidFix Dual Adhesive System is the new generation professional grade adhesive that goes beyond super glue. RapidFix has been formulated with a unique polymer that bonds at the molecular level. For a strong bond you simply need to hold the surface together firmly, when the air is removed, RapidFix bonds instantly.

RapidFix Adhesive and Welding Powder produces high strength bonds in seconds and is an ideal solution for emergency automotive repairs. The Dual Adhesive System quickly and permanently repairs bumpers, radiators, headlights, air intakes and water pumps. The Adhesive dries instantly and can be used on its own to bond any non-porous material to itself or other like material.

When the adhesive is combined with the welding powder it can instantly fill cracks, holes and gaps. The welding powder can also be used to support repairs. The repair can also be drilled, filed, sanded or ground to any shape that suits the repair. Because it is a neutral color it can be easily painted or take wood stain.

  • One drop goes a long way - creates ultra-strong bonds with the tiniest drop
  • The hardened welding powder can be instantly drilled, sanded, ground, filed, and painted, fills cracks, gaps and holes, welds and reinforces joins
  • Adheres instantly to virtually anything: metals, rubber, timber, ceramics, leather, stone, fibreglass, glass and plastics
  • Resists impact, shock, vibration and temperature extremes
  • Does not shrink and is resistant to water and most common solvents