Ironman 4x4 Scope Driving Lights 7" - Spot beam (Each)

Ironman 4x4 Scope Driving Lights 7" - Spot beam (Each)

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Smaller light, great light power.

Whether you prefer the aesthetics of a smaller light, have some restrictions in size or just don’t need full daylight at night time, the 7″ Scope driving light is no compromise.

Its unique look is a ‘tip of the hat’ to adopting new technologies for optimal performance.


Taking a leaf from its ‘big brother’s’ book, the 7” Scope driving light features the same Hooded Reflector technology, these reflectors are positioned along the top and bottom of the light harnessing 6 x 9W high power LEDs.

Hooded reflectors are hugely more effective and efficient, as the LED shines directly into them unlike a traditional reflector cup, where huge amounts of light is lost.

These reflectors provide maximum throw down the road for huge light in both our Spot and Combo variants.


The Ironman 4×4 7” Scope driving light does away with traditional reflector cups, and instead adopts a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) optic lens.

While all other types of reflector experience some level of ‘spill’ and loss of lighting efficiency, the TIR lenses which run through the centre of these driving lights capture 100% of the LEDs output and uniquely projects it as required for the ultimate driving experience.

The lens in our Spot model ensures light is captured and projected directly in front of the vehicle for optimal vision straight ahead, while the Combo model utilises a row of TIR discs that bounce the light horizontally for a broad spread of light – great for bush driving!


To the sides, a pair of diffused optic lenses take the light from 4 LEDs and provide great vision to the immediate peripherals to the front of the vehicle.

Additionally, when the driving lights are not switched on, the side shooters can be activated as position lights coupled with the nicely illuminated branding at the top.


The 7” Scope driving lights, run a minimal 9-12 high performance LEDs, which are directly mounted to the cast housing. Utilising the hugely efficient reflectors and less LEDs already generates less heat – coupled with clever mounting to the cast housing ensures...maximum performance and brightness over long periods.

Scope 7” driving lights run a 5700 Kelvin colour rating – a colour most closely matched to that of daylight is easier on the eyes!


  • IP68 protection against water and dust ingress
  • Case Breather – allows hot air to escape to eliminate condensation and ensure a water-tight seal is maintained
  • Case mounted LEDs – allow for fast heat dissipation, keeping the lights cool and LEDs bright
  • Virtually indestructible polycarbonate lens
  • Rust-preventing facia with no front facing screws to capture and hold moisture
  • DuPont powder-coated cast aluminium housing with stainless steel mount system
  • Centre and side pinning bolts for ultimate rigidity
  • 3-year warranty



3 Years