Bushranger Diggar 3 Piece Shovel - 73x40

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Bushranger Diggar 3 Piece Shovel - 73x40   The 'Diggar' Three Piece Shovel, has been engineered and field tested to ensure it offers strength and reliability for your adventures or even in everyday use. Camping, travelling, offroading, even fishing. There is always a use for a shovel that is both compact and reliable. From vehicle recovery and building camp fires to even the most basic of human needs, the out-house. Features: 2mm Heat Treated Blade Long Handle Shovel Length = 1475mm 36mm Multi-Core Fibre Glass Handle 'D' Handle Shovel Length = 960mm Steel Joining Sleeves Minimum Breakdown Length = 760mm Rubber Grips Blade Width = 190mm Weight = 3kg