Bushranger 72x10 4WD Inflatable X Jack

Bushranger 4WD Inflatable X Jack

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The Bushranger® X-Jack is an exhaust jack recovery device designed to assist in recovering your vehicle from a range of situations. Most suitable in soft and unstable terrains where a hi-lift or bottle jack may be unsuitable, such as sand, mud, or snow. This award-winning product has a long history and over the years its design has seen continuous developments and improvements. Its patented dual inflation system can utilise your vehicle’s exhaust or your portable air compressor to lift your vehicle while providing control of the rate and extent of inflation required.

In the latest iteration (RJX01) the Schrader valve for the compressor inflation function has moved from the body of the X-Jack onto the hose. This new “compressor adaptor” is a safe, convenient, and innovative way to inflate the X-Jack with an air compressor without needing to be in close proximity to the X-Jack itself.

The exhaust hose has also been revised with a new high-temperature-resistant rubber insert at the base of the exhaust cone; providing further protection against damaging exhaust temperatures.


    • Stable base design with unique triangular feet for maximum grip on a variety of terrain.
    • Triple density hard top reinforced with layers of PVC reducing the risk of puncture.
    • Compact and collapsable for easy storage in its heavy-duty storage bag.
    • Dual inflation provides you with the added control to inflate with your portable air compressor or by using the exhaust of your vehicle.

Designed to lift your vehicle and assist with recoveries in a range of situations such as sand, mud, snow or soft ground. With a total lift height of 75cm and a total lift of 2 tonnes. The X-Jack is the perfect addition to your recovery setup.


  • Max inflated Height: 75cm
  • Max inflated diameter: 65cm
  • Maximum lift capacity 2 tonne, not suitable for vehicles over 4 tonne GVM
  • Pressure Capacity: 10 psi
  • Material: Reinforced PVC
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Spare parts: Yes, contact your stockist for more information
  • Total Kit Weight: 8.6kg
  • X-Jack Weight: 5.4kg

Kit Includes:

    • Bushranger 4X4 X-Jack
    • Heavy Duty Storage Bag
    • High-Temperature Hoses
    • Protective Mat
    • Replacement Seal Kit
    • Protective Gloves
    • Compressor Adaptor


The X-Jack exhaust inflation feature will not inflate vehicles with an acute angle exhaust or dual exhaust. Vehicles with acute angle exhaust include Toyota Landcruiser 100 Series, Toyota Landcruiser 80 Series, and the Nissan Patrol GU. Please use the included X-Jack compressor adaptor feature to inflate.

1 Year