5th Mar 2014

4WD Recovery Gear

It's official, summer is over and winter is on it's way. This is a great time to make sure that all the maintenance in your car is up to date, check the Tyre pressure, the water, coolant and oil and we're good to go yeah? 

Well actually no, we all know that winter wont stop us getting out there but are you really ready for what winter may have in store? For the 4WD enthusiasts out there, we have everything you could need when it comes to getting yourself out of a hole, literally! 

Drag Chains - Pretty much what it says on the tin, these are going to drag stuff out of your way, you're going to move those fallen branches quicker than it will take to get the chainsaw out, and dragging them with a 4WD (or whatever you're attaching it to) is more fun. All of our chains come with carry bags and free delivery. 

Recovery Kits - See the huge range of recovery kits in the online store, there's too many to list here! All the top brands including Just Straps, Ironman and Bushranger, there's recovery kits from basic through to extra heavy duty. 

Maxtrax - The ever popular Maxtrax recovery device, Maxtrax is THE easiest and safest way to get yourself out when you're stuck in soft ground. Currently on special at $289

If you're planning on going up to the snow, don't forget you're going to need Snow Chains for your wheels, Thule chains currently start as low as $159 per wheel.