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12V Socket Wall Plate - Suit Winegard™ Antennas Winegard 12V Socket Wall Plate to suit Winegard TV Antennas.   Features NEW Model -This unit is equipped with a polyswitch (current limiting device), which will shut down +12V if there is direct short between antenna and power supply. Green indicator light will not light. Once short is eliminated, device will reset itself in approximately 2 minutes. Do not connect high current devices to the 12V receptacle like hair dryers. Max current 7.5amp. 1 year warranty.   Specifications Model: 002318 Camec, 1511-701-10, 10130250 Measures 115mm x 70mm (has PC Board on rear). Shipping Weight: 110 grams. Shipping Dimensions: 6 cm x 11 cm x 18 cm.