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Tyredog 4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor TD-2300A-X04 (0 to 180 PSI)


Tyredog 4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor TD-2300A-X04 (0 to 180 PSI)


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Product Description

Tyredog 4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor TD-2300A-X04 (0 to 180 PSI)


By the time we’re aware of a faulty tyre, it’s too late. The sidewall may already be beyond repair, or if you're towing, you’re tyre may already be blown out on the freeway and you wouldn’t even know. This is a very dangerous occurrence, not just for you and your family, but for other drivers on the road as well. 

The main aim of TYREDOG™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems is to avoid situations like this by showing your tyre pressure for each wheel in real time. Alarm warning values can be set to warn you when your tyres are running low, over inflated, or too hot.

TYREDOG™ systems can be easily set-up via the Graphical User Interface and allows you to set alarm warning values for: Low Pressure, High Pressure and High Temperature. The settings also allow you to have your pressure measurements displayed in PSI, KPA, BAR and Kg/Cm2 and temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit. 

The most important feature about the TYREDOG™ system all throughout the range is that the sensors are totally external, and weigh only 10 grams. Gone are the days of your local Tyre fitter busting your internal sensor when doing a balance or changing a Tyre, you can install the complete system yourself, with no technical background or experience! Simply screw the supplied sensors onto your valve. They are totally sealed from the elements so dust and water is not an issue and if you’re worried about someone wanting the sensors more than you, each kit comes with a set of SecureFit fixing rings to keep the sensors where they belong.

The monitor simply mounts to the windscreen using the supplied suction cup bracket. On screen is each tyre’s pressure updated periodically and at the same time. Unlike a lot of other TMPS’ on the market, the TYREDOG™ shows you ALL of your tyres in their respective locations at the same time. Apart from when checking your temperature or the condition of your spare tyre on the TD-1300A-X5 model, you never need to press any buttons to check on your tyres, meaning less time operating the unit, and more time enjoying your drive.

Recommended Use: Heavy Duty Vehicles, Trucks, Buses, Earth Moving Agricultural Equipment, Motor Home's, Cars with Trailers / Caravans. (Monitor up to 180 PSI)

The TYREDOG™ TD-2300A-X Series Tyre Pressure and Temperature Monitor kits support 4 to 34 tyres, monitors up to 180 PSI and can be installed (D.I.Y)
The User Friendly Graphic Interface (LCD monitor), allows the user to monitor and understand the status of their tyres thus ensuring they are always well maintained.
Correct tyre pressure ensures fuel efficiency, reduces tyre wear, the risk of aquaplaning and lack of traction.
Normally all the necessary check-ups cost time, effort and money.

The Design

• All sensors can be securely locked onto tyre valves for added safety.
• Learnable sensors are available so in the event of theft or damage, sensors can be quickly and easily replaced.
• Sensors have unique individual codes to ensure there is no interference from other 433MHz devices, even other TYREDOG™ systems.
• All TYREDOG™ kits undergo strict field testing to ensure quality.
• Sensors are treated for anti-corrosion during manufacture and use rubber seals to prevent liquid and fine particles from coming in contact with the circuitry.

How it works

The Wireless Sensors are fitted to the wheels valve stem. Simply replace the valve cap with a Wireless Sensor and fit the supplied SecureFit ring to ensure the sensor is securely fastened. This SecureFit ring can also act as a theft deterrent.
The Relay / repeater system must be mounted underneath the vehicle. This can be powered up by 4 x AA Batteries or you can hard-wire to a 12V/24V Power Source.
Once the Sensors and Relay are fitted and the monitor/receiver is turned on (Powered by 12/24V Cigarette Lighter Adaptor), within a couple of minutes or once the wheels rotate, the latest Pressure and Temperature information will be updated on the monitor/receiver.

The sensors will then transmit any changes in pressure or temperature. If the Pressure falls or raises above the user preset levels, the unit will sound to alert the driver. There is also a visual indication on the Monitor / Receiver unit.
Low, High Pressure and High Temperature threshold settings can be adjusted by the user for each axle.
For further information regarding the operation of this unit, please read the Owners Manual which can be found by clicking on the Downloads Tab.

What's included

1 x Monitor / Receiver
4 x Wireless Sensors (inc 4 x CR1632 Batteries)
4 x SecureFit Rings
1 x Suction Cap Mounting Bracket
1 x Cigarette Lighter Power Adaptor
1 x Relay / Repeater unit (inc 4 x AA Batteries, Power Cable and Mounting Hardware)
Owners Manual

General Features

• Monitors 4-34 tyres
• Main Kit can support up to 10 Sensors (or 34 Sensors if additional Trailer Add-on Kits are added)
• Supports Multiple Trailer Add-On Kits (Change Trailer Function)
• Simply Screw on to the Valve stem and lock in place
• Audible / Visual Alerts when tyre pressure drops below / raises above user set level
• Measure Pressure in PSI, KPA, BAR or KgCM
• Alerts when tyre temperature raises above the user set level
• Measure Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
• Provide graphic user interface
• Relay / Repeater Module for extended Range and greater accuracy
• Monitoring tyre pressure anytime
• Low Battery Indicator on the display for Sensors and Relay
• Expands tyre lifespan
• Saves fuel consumption
• Improves safety
• Detects leakage before harm is done
• Easy to install
• High accuracy 
• Not affected by bumpy roads 
• Allows user preset value 
• Detects both under inflation and over inflation of tyre

Reliability and Robust

• All major components are fully exchangeable in case any component is broken
• Provides signal accessibility by providing peripheral signal integrity technology
• Extremely lightweight, small in size and its' special unique mechanical designed sensors have won the Tyredog Series the best TPMS system in this industry


Operating environment (Receiver Unit)

• Operating temperature range -20 deg to 70 deg C
• Storage temperature range -30 deg to 85 deg C
• Operating humidity 90% 
• Vibration 3.5mm 5-200 Hz in X,Y and Z direction

Power (Receiver Unit)

• Power Required 12 - 30V DC (MiniDC jack)

Dimensions Monitor (Receiver Unit)

• Weight 143 g
• Size L 102mm * W 72mm* D 29mm
• LCD View size W 70.5mm * H 39mm

System (Receiver Unit)

• System frequency at 433 MHz
• Sensor pressure range 0-180 psi
• Sensor pressure sensitivity ± 3 psi
• Sensor temperature sensitivity ±2 deg C
• Low power consumption in sensor
• Transmission length: Sensor to Relay/Repeater: Approx 25M (Can vary between vehicle's)
• Transmission length: Relay/Repeater to Monitor: Approx. 60M (Can vary between vehicle's)
• Receiver sensitivity is -112dBm

Emissions (Receiver Unit / Sensors)

• FCC Comply with part 15,Class B
• CE
• C Tick

Operating Environment (Relay / Repeater)

• Frequency: 433MHz (TX/RX)
• Operating temperature range -40 deg to 80 deg C
• Storage temperature range -40 deg to 100 deg C
• Operating humidity 100%

Power (Relay / Repeater)

• Power Required 12 - 30V DC (MiniDC jack) or Battery DC 3V
• Battery Life: Approx. 1 Year
• Battery type AA 1.5V (x4)

Dimensions (Relay / Repeater)

• Size - L 105mm * W 50mm * H 85mm

Operating environment (Sensors)

• Operating temperature range -40 deg to 125 deg C
• Operating humidity 100%
• Shock >1000G from 1.5m height
• Vibration 10mm 5-200 Hz in X,Y and Z direction

Power (Sensors)

• Sensor is equipped with battery - CR1632 (3V)
• Battery Life - Approx. 1 Year

Dimensions Sensor (Sensors)

• Weight - 10g±1 g
• Size - Diameter 18.5mm / Height 20mm

Note: This model can be configured to support many different wheel layouts (Refer to Wheel Layouts & Model Number Options in the Downloads Section).
You can upgrade this model to 6, 8 or 10 Sensors by simply ordering then programming in additional TD-SN-2300A LEARNABLE Sensors.
You can also Add-on a TD-RY2300A-X Trailer Kit or two which enables the system to monitor up to 34 Wheels. (Refer to Spare Parts / Add-ons Section)

*Specifications subject to change without notice.


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