SHURFLO Mains Press Regulator Water Inlet White US

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SHURFLO Mains Press Regulator Water Inlet White USA Description SHURFLO Mains Press Regulator, water inlet, White, USA f-NPT-3/4, has a built in regulator helps protect water system from high pressure damage. Features The Filter screen prevents dirt and foreign substance buildup Built in check/non-return value, prevents water loss when pump is on The water enters the inlet via a 3/4'' NPT USA female thread**. (A screw on protection cover is also included). The fitting requires a hole in the wall of about 85mm diameter, and extends back around 80mm with a male 1/2 BSP thread for connecting RV pipework 1 year warranty. Specifications Model: 006154 Camec Brand: SHURflo Pressure is reduced to a nominal 50 PSI. Outside diameter approx 100mm, with four external fitted screws to attach to outside wall. Inlet thread is a Non-standard Australian Thread - Female USA NPT-3/4 Shipping Weight: 200 grams. Shipping Dimensions: 11 cm x 12 cm x 12 cm.