Polaris Mirror Monitor Reverse Camera Kit

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This monitor will clip over your existing rear view mirror with a clear 4.2” screen to left side. Perfect for those keeping their dash free of clutter or for those who have a canopy and the mirror is no longer usable. It comes standard with a rear camera to help you reverse into those tight spots safely. The RVM42 gives you the option to add a second camera. Whether it be a forward vision to help make parking easier or to put on your trailer/caravan to help see those hiding behind your on-the-go holiday house. With the push of a button you can switch easier between the 2 cameras or use the remote provided. What kind of vehicles will the CM50 reversing camera kit suit? This kit will suit all different types of vehicles but we would fit this kit mainly to 4WD’s. Sedans, Utes, Vans and SUV’s