Polaris 6.2" Motorhome Reversing System

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No more backing into things with a Polaris Motorhome reverse camera. . A Polaris Motorhome reverse camera not only makes reversing a breeze but it ensures that you can see clearly behind your vehicle when reversing. . Believe it or not but 11% of accidents involve collision while reversing. Most of the time this is due to poor visibility and miscalculation (, 2018). The more vehicles fitted with reverse cameras, the more chance that this figure will drop. . Not only that but a reverse camera could potentially save a life or prevent injury. Surprisingly, three accidents occur involving children in home driveways every week (A parentÂ’s guide to kidsafe roads, 2016). What kind of vehicles will the 6.2? motorhome rear view camera kit suit? We recommend this particular kit for customers that want a rear vision camera on the rear of a motorhome or RV.