Naleon Super Suction Towel Ring - 039889

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Naleon: Super Suction Towel Ring This gleaming chrome towel ring offers a versatile way to hang your hand towels. The super suction cup attaches to any non porous surface without drilling or mess, allowing perfect placement every time.PLEASE NOTE: 1. Surface must be clean, dry and free of grease. 2. Do not adhere to rough surface, preferable on smooth surface or tiles.3. Holding power up to 3kg. INSTALLATION: 1. Wipe away all dust, dirt, grease etc, on the surface and let dry completely before installing.2. Position towel ring on the desired non-porous surface and press suction cup button firmly until the red area is hidden completely. The hook is now ready to use.REMOVAL: To remove the towel ring holder simply pull the side tab backwards.IMPORTANT: To ensure maximum adhesion for a secure lasting effect, regularly remove soap dish (every 2-3months) and clean thoroughly dry suction cups and wall surface. If the red line on the redicator suction cups appear, please remove and check suction for soap residue, etc. NB: porcelain tiles are porous and cannot maintain vacuum suction. Part Number: 039889