Naleon Classic Super Suction 3 in 1 Basket

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Naleon Classic Super Suction 3 in 1 Basket Solve all of your bathroom storage problems with this clever three in one storage basket. The strong suction cups attach to any bathroom surface and hold up to a huge 6kg of contents.INSTALLATION:  Wipe away all dust, dirt and grease on the wall surface and let dry completely before installing. Position the 3 in 1 Basket on the desired surface and press suction cup button firmly until the red area is hidden completely. The 3 in 1 Basket is now ready to use. REMOVAL: To remove the 3 in 1 basket, pull the clear side tabs on the suction cup towards you.IMPORTANT: To ensure maximum adhesion for a secure lasting effect, regularly remove suction pads (every 2-3 months) and clean with soapy water. Thoroughly dry suction cups and wall surface before mounting. If the black line on the Redicator suction cups starts to appear, please remove and check suction for soap residue, etc. NB: Porcelain tiles are porous and cannot maintain vacuum suction.   Part Number: 039891