TRED Recovery Device 800mm - Pair

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800MM TRED RECOVERY DEVICE- YELLOW   TREDs can eliminate the hazardous and potentially fatal practices of vehicle recovery involving highly stressed components such as steel cables, shackles, snatch straps and winches - TREDs keep you & your family safe. With TREDs every recovery is done at a slow, steady and safe pace. Plan your trip, pack your TREDs, and explore with confidence! TREDs are designed to be used as:1. A preventative measure to mitigate loss of traction (TREDs can be used as a pair, in multiple pairs, or linked together to form a safe path across boggy ground). 2. To aid in the recovery of a vehicle once traction has been lost (single vehicle/single operator recovery). 3. In conjunction with conventional methods such as recovery straps and winches - TREDs greatly reduce the force required to recover the vehicle, especially in extremely deep or boggy recoveries. TREDs are an essential piece of equipment/recovery kit for any vehicle that operates off-road, from the novice adventurer to the serious off-road enthusiast.