Just Straps Extra Heavy Duty Snatch Strap - 100mm / 9 metre

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Just Straps - Extra Heavy Duty Snatch Strap - 100mm / 9 metre - SS1009   Designed for larger 4WD vehicles, farm equipment and commercial vehicles. Made from hi-tenacity nylon webbing to ensure that high stretch. Tested, proven and designed for heavy vehicle use, time after time. Fully protected sewn eyes at both ends in (green) to identify Nylon material. Safety Label and Green Identification Tag attached. Has red line wear indicators woven into the webbing Features: Application: For the recovery of a bogged vehicle only. Ratings: 10,600Kg Recovery Load Limit R.L.L.® 15,900Kg Minimum Breaking Strength. MBS Safety Factor: 1.5 to 1 Factor of Safety (F of S) Standard: Product Safety and Information Standard JSF (AUST) 2007 Warranty: 1 Year Just Straps Australia Warranty Shipping: We offer free shipping on the entire Just Straps range.