Just Straps ES6025 Std Equalizer Strap - 60mm / 2.5 metre

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Just Straps Standard Equalizer Strap - 60mm / 2.5 metre - ES6025   Features: Genuine Just Straps brand. Standard range (yellow). Use this in conjunction with a standard Snatch Strap or standard Winch Strap. Connect to two recovery points on the vehicle. Fully protected sewn eyes at both ends in (blue) to identify Polyester material, plus a wear sleeve for the middle of the strap. Safety Label and Blue Identification Tag attached. Application:     To evenly distribute the load on the vehicle. Ratings:     4,100Kg Recovery Load Limit R.L.L.®         6,150Kg Minimum Breaking Strength. MBS Safety Factor:     1.5 to 1 Factor of Safety (F of S) Standard:     Product Safety and Information Standard™ JSF (AUST) 2007™