Once the vehicle has started, the DC to DC charger draws power from the alternator, ensuring the vehicle can start uninterrupted and delaying the start charge until the vehicle is fully running. When the vehicle is parked and off, the DC to DC Dual Battery Charger switches to draw power from the Solar Panels. The inbuilt regulator controls the charge from 50w to 400w solar panels, ensuring the correct wattage for the battery.

Necessary for a full power set-up, the DC to DC Dual Battery Charger has a waterproof fully polymer encapsulation, protecting the unit from water and dust. The DC to DC Dual Battery Charger is pre-wired and ready to install.


  • 12V DC to DC 40amp charger that charges the auxiliary battery
  • Dual battery charger automatically draws power from the alternator whilst the car is turned on or from the solar panels when the vehicle is off
  • Delayed DC to DC start charge allowing the vehicle to start before drawing power from the alternator
  • Solar input with built in regulator for 50w to 400w panels
  • Full polymer encapsulation to protect from water and dust ingress - IP67 rating
  • Pre-wired for battery monitors and has a built in LED indicator light
  • Compatible with Smart Alternators and suits Lithium, GEL/AGM and flooded batteries