FIAMMA Clip System Suit F45-s and F45 awnings

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Fiamma™ Fast Clip System, Suit F45 S & Earlier F45 Awnings The Fiamma 'Clip System' guarantees a 100% water tight seal between the awning canopy fabric and the Privacy Room side walls; this is achieved using the Clip System. The Clip System is effectively a clamping system, with an upper and a lower section that clamp around the awning roof fabric. The Clip System also incorporates a 'C' channel, which allows the side panel to fit into, once this has been fitted the roof fabric clamping procedure begins. The clip system includes two vertical poles for adjacent to the vehicle plus the two sets of the clamps to hold both side walls in place across the top. Made to suit the 2500mm wide awnings.   Features 1 year warranty.   Specifications Model: 040272 Camec Suits F45-s awnings, all sizes with a 2.5m extension Also fits earlier models Shipping Weight: 7.11 Kgs. Shipping Dimensions: 145 cm x 29 cm x 29 cm.