Excellence XT 470L - BLACK GLOSSY

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Exclusive design with a unique 2-tone colour combination and advanced aerodynamics with diffuser technology to optimize air flow around box. Fast and secure fitting using only one hand due to pre-installed Power-Click quick-mount system with integrated torque indicator Convenient mounting, loading, and unloading, thanks to DualSide opening with outside lid handles CentralLocking system provides maximum safety. The grip-friendly Thule Comfort key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed Full access to your car’s trunk without interference as the roof box is designed for a forward position on the car roof Automatic load fixation: By just closing the box lid, the load will be fixated and secured automatically with the new integrated loading net and crash nose Integrated light for nighttime loading and unloading Custom-fit lid cover protects the box from scratches and dust during storage