Engel EMS 13 Litre Chest Fridge / Freezer / Warmer

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This EMS model was primarily designed for the storage of saline bags for use in Ambulances and emergency vehicles, but could be used for many other purposes. Including the storage of medicines, fluids or even food. Anything that needs to be held at a set temperature between -18 degrees C and 55 degrees C plus or minus 1 degree C. It maintains the set temperature with the advanced electronics from Sawafuji Electric Company and the Latest F series Sawafuji Swing Motor compressor along with the built in heating element. It features a LED display, push button control, built in battery monitor, shoulder strap and a latch that accepts a padlock (padlock not included). All in a compact 13 litre chest cabinet. Power options include 12 or 24 volt DC. There is a 240 volt adaptor available (part number # ACC) Replacement 12 volt Cord part # JCORD Replacement 12 Cigar Plug part # DPLUG