Camec Tank Clean 000261

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Flush, Water Tank Clean 200gm, Does 182 Litres Tank Clean can be used to clean and deodorise your freshwater system. Instructions for use Drain or pump out water system, and add contents to bucket of warm water to dissolve. Pour into tanks and top up with fresh water. Pump water through all pipework and leave stand for 5 mins for aluminium of stainless steel, or 12 hours for plastic. Pump out water and / or drain. Refill tanks with freshwater and pump out/drain once more. System is now fully clean and ready to use.     Features Cleans and deodorise water tanks and pipework 200g treats up to 182litres 1 year warranty. Specifications Model: 000261 Camec, 0018-005, 80730250 Shipping Weight: 240 grams. Shipping Dimensions: 10 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm.