ARK 12V DC-DC Car Charger

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Turns your ArkPak into a portable dual battery system for your vehicle - at a fraction of the cost of a built-in one. Recharges your ArkPak DC-DC via your vehicle's 12V socket. Conditions and prolongs your 12V battery's life, even on the move. Recharge your ArkPak via your vehicle’s 12V socket Now there’s no need to return home or to a powered site when your 12V battery runs down. Simply plug your ArkPak into your vehicle using this car charger adaptor. Convert your ArkPak into a dual battery system alternative By inserting the large plug into your vehicle’s 12V socket and the small plug into your ArkPak’s 24V DC input socket, you will have a good alternative to a dual battery system in your vehicle. One that is not only more affordable, it is also much more transferable than a traditional dual battery system, as it can go wherever you go! Plus unlike traditional dual battery set-ups, there’s no voltage drop between your battery and your charge point. Condition and prolong your 12V battery’s life, even on the move By using the ArkPak DC-DC 12V car charger adaptor, your battery will be charged via the 7 stage Smart Charger. This will charge your battery fully, plus it will maintain, condition and prolong your battery’s life, in a way that traditional dual battery systems cannot do. How to use: Insert large car charger plug into 12V accessory port in your vehicle cabin or rear luggage area. The accessory port must be rated at 120W or higher. Insert small car charger plug into 24V DC input socket on left side of your ArkPak. Warning: Ensure there is adequate ventilation around the ArkPak & car charger to dissipate heat and battery gases. *Will only work with the ArkPak60 (not compatible with the NEW ArkPak715 or the ArkPak730)* Input: 12V DC Output: 24V DC 5A 120W Overall cord length: 2.9 metres