Thetford Toilet Porta Potti Qube 165 - Large

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THETFORD Porta Potti 165 - Large. This deluxe toilet is so compact it can be stored under bunks or in cupboards with ease. FeaturesThe major differences between the Porta Potti range are their sizes and flushing system. The holding and flush tanks also vary slightly between the models. With average use the Porta Potti can be used for 3-5 days before the waste tank requires emptying. Simply and hygienically the waste tank of the Porta Potti can be detached and taken to the nearest waste disposal point. To empty simply twist the integrated emptying spout outwards, unscrew the cap, push the vent button to allow air to enter the waste tank (to avoid any splashing) and then pour waste out. To ensure effective functionality and optimum performance of the toilet system, Thetford has designed uniquely formulated toilet Additives and rapid dissolving Aqua Soft toilet paper. Thetford toilet Additives prevent unpleasant odours, suppress gas formation and keep the inside of the waste holding tank clean. By promoting the decomposition of solids in the waste holding tank, the Additives also prevent blockages when emptying. Specifications Model: T92805 Cequent Dimensions H414mm x W383mm x D427mm. Small Holding Tank Capacity 21L Flush-water Tank Capacity 15L Net Weight 3.9Kg Grey in colour. Flushing System Manual, bellows pump Shipping Weight: 5.20 Kgs. Shipping Dimensions: 42 cm x 39 cm x 44 cm.