Just Straps ES753H HD Equalizer Strap 75mm / 3 metre

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Just Straps Heavy Duty Equalizer Strap - 75mm / 3 metre - ES753H   Features: Genuine Just Straps brand. Serious range (green). Use this in conjunction with a heavy duty Snatch Strap or heavy duty Winch Strap. Connect to two recovery points on the vehicle. Fully protected sewn eyes at both ends in (blue) to identify Polyester material, plus a wear sleeve for the middle of the strap. Safety Label and Blue Identification Tag attached. Application:     To evenly distribute the load on the vehicle. Ratings:     5,400Kg Recovery Load Limit R.L.L.®         8,100Kg Minimum Breaking Strength. MBS Safety Factor:     1.5 to 1 Factor of Safety (F of S) Standard:     Product Safety and Information Standard™ JSF (AUST) 2007™