Camco™ TST GREEN Concentrate Drop-In Sachets

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Camco TST concentrated Drop-Ins are ideal for use with the larger built-in holding tanks. The additive is Septic safe and helps to break down waste and toilet tissue. Our one step, no measuring solution requires no mixing or preparation. Just 1 dose will treat up to 150 litres of water. Contains 15 treatments.   Features Special fragrances have been added to help control odours. It also contains Coconut Oil to help keep sensors lubricated. This product contains NO formaldehyde Non staining and safe for septic tanks.   Specifications Model: 850-02802 Coast to Coast 15 doses in one pack Each dose will treat a tank up to 150 litres Lasts up to 7 days Septic safe Shipping Weight: 770 grams. Shipping Dimensions: 18 cm x 12 cm x 10 cm.