BioMagic HEAVY DUTY 5 LITRE for Large Waste tanks

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How BioMagic Works: Summary(TECHNICAL VERSION)BioMagic treats the cause instead of the symptom and works in a far superior way to products that mask or absorb the odours. BioMagic provides a practical and economical way of supplying oxygen and nutrients in a hydrated chemical form. BioMagic allows the facultative bacteria to become and remain aerobic, effectively eliminating sulphide production and actually prevents odours from being produced. For neutralising biomass, BioMagic acts the same as Mother Nature's bio-cycle, only hyper-accelerated.Bacteria in a waste solution are living organisms that need energy to survive and digest solids. They get energy through the composting process of organic material. Oxygen, which is vital to the composting process, is supplied in one of three ways, sulphate, air, or nitrate.Anaerobic state: Air and nitrate sources are limited in most waste systems, so oxygen is derived from the sulphates found in waste material. As a result, Hydrogen Sulphide is produced, which causes the foul odours and heavy corrosion of machinery and plumbing.The Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) mixes with water (H2O) to form sulphuric acid (H2SO4.) Sulphuric acid is very corrosive. Anaerobic bacteria will also produce Methane Gas. Methane (CH4 ) is a colourless and odourless flammable gas.Aerobic state: Supplying oxygen by aeration provides about 3 to 8 PPM (parts per million) of dissolved oxygen. There is virtually unlimited oxygen and nutrients made available by utilising BioMagic In the dilution recommended, BioMagic supplies 350 to 400 PPM of oxygen. One treatment can keep the bacteria aerobic for days, weeks, or longer. Aerobic bacteria do not produce Hydrogen Sulphide but produces carbon dioxide, which plants need to produce oxygen.(LAYMAN'S VERSION)IT WORKS USING NATURE ITSELF TO MAKE DECAYING MATERIALS BREAK DOWN UP TO 7 TIMES FASTER, BUT WITHOUT THE ASSOCIATED SMELLS. BIOMAGIC INSTANTLY DESTROYS SMELLS. SKU: BLWT5