Bio-Pak Express Green - Waste Cassette Drop-In - 15 Sachets - Septic Safe

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Suitable for removable cassette tanks. Green, Walex/Exodor Bio-Pak express Toilet drop-in, Pack of 15. This handy RV toilet chemical comes in a convenient Porta-Pak. No need to handle a liquid.   Features Use this RV toilet chemical by just dropping in your cassette toilet or portable toilet and the pre-packaged portion controls odour while breaking down waste and paper. This product comes in a convenient zipper bag for easy storage and is formaldehyde free.   Formaldehyde free All natural enzyme product - biodegradable 100% environmentally friendly Beneficial for septic tank systems Pre packaged so no need to measure anything No messy liquids to mess with Fast breakdown of waste and paper Easy slide zipper for 15 pack bags makes for easy access and storage Non staining product Fresh scents with no harmful fumes Not only prevents odour but cleans and lubricates tank sensors and valves One portion (15 per bag) will treat a tanks 10 - 25 litres   Specifications Model: 039899 Camec Shipping Weight: 400 grams. Shipping Dimensions: 13 cm x 18 cm x 7 cm.